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Here is the procedure for returning to HZAU for your reference.

  1. Applying to return to HZAU

If you want to return to the school, you should fill in a Consent form which will remind you of the relative policies and matters needing attention, you should read it carefully, sign and agree to it, and then submit it to ISO. ISO will issue a NOC to you after consulting your supervisor.

  1. Applying for the Visa

After receiving the NOC and other documents from the school, you can apply for a visa from the Chinese embassy in your country. Please inform ISO and your supervisor once you get the visa.

  1. Booking Air Ticket

The ticket fee shall be paid by yourself.  After buying your ticket, please inform ISO

of your airline information, the entry time, and the entry city.

Please avoid arriving at HZAU from Jan 12, 2023, to Feb 11, 2023, because it is winter vacation and there be no people there who provide service and help to you.

After confirming the ticket, you should join the different WeChat groups varies by date to keep in touch with ISO.

  1. Buying Insurance

You must buy health insurance by yourself before departure for China. The health insurance fee is 800 Yuan for a full academic year. For scholarship students, the insurance fee will be refunded by the school after returning to school.

For more details, please check the PDF attached

The link is:  https://www.lxbx.net/login?redirect=/plan

  1. Entry Quarantine

There will be “7+7” control measures implemented for overseas personnel coming to China according to the mandatory requirements of the government. The first “7” means 7 days of centralized isolated medical observation at the place of entry while the second “7” means 7 days of home health monitoring which will be carried out in our school Hotel. After the 7+7 days observation, those who test negative for nucleic acid will move to the student’s dormitory for personal health monitoring for the next 7 days and do not go out of the dorm unless necessary.

All the quarantine fees shall be borne by you. The estimated total cost for quarantine is around RMB 5400. You’d better prepare some RMB in advance and make sure your credit cards and bank cards are working.

Everyone is requested to abide by the quarantine policy and obey epidemic prevention arrangements. If you enter China from other cities (not Wuhan), you should inform

ISO about your flight or train information after booking the ticket. ISO will arrange a pick-up for you.

  1. 2020-2022 Grade REGISTRATION GUIDE
  2. Materials for registration
  • Admission Package (Original   and   2   hard   photocopies   of Admission Notice and JW201/ JW202 form)
  • Original   and   5   hard   photocopies   of   passport (including   the   basic   information page, visa information page, and entry stamp page)
  • 8 copies of a passport-size photo
  • Original    physical    examination    record    and    all    examination    reports (including laboratory exam report, X-ray exam report, X-ray film, etc.)
  • Original and 1 hard photocopy of highest degree certificate (Anyone who is unable to provide the original highest diploma on registration time will be ineligible for admission.)
  • The procedure of Registration:
  • Registration of the dormitory
  • Information Checking and Collection
  • Residence Permit Application

Tips: Residence Permit Application

All international students need to apply for a residence permit within 30 days from the date of their entry into China. Otherwise, they shall be imposed a fine of RMB 500 per day. Please pay attention to the expiration date of the visa. A family visa can not be changed to a study visa, so do not come to China on a family visa.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Email: liveinhzau@mail.hzau.edu.cn

Tel: 0086 27 87288458, 0086 27 87281296

Fax: 0086 27 87288658

Add.:     International Students Office, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan,

430070, P.R.China

In case of emergency after arriving in China, please call 110.